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저렴한 가격:

Cebu City, Philippines

Tr3ats Guest House
사용자 선호도:  4.8   (독서 리뷰)
속도에서 PHP 425
Cebu City, 785 V. Rama Ave.   
Hostel - Best place for backpackers in Cebu!
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GE Home Luxury Vacation Rental속도에서 $22
Cebu City, 34F Cabahug Street Kasambagan Mabolo Cebu   
Apartment - Beautiful Spacious Affordable Studio Apartment
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The Sharkstail Dive Resort속도에서 PHP 1,250
Cebu City, Tawigan, Malapascua Island   
Hotel - auspicious and good ambiance, good for vacation, suitable for your budget.
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Palazzo Pensionne속도에서 PHP 1,350
Cebu City, 49 General Sepulveda Street   
Hostel - A homey place which is Central within Cebu City.
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Diplomat Hotel속도에서 PHP 1,360
Cebu City, 90 F. Ramos Street   
Hotel - Diplomat Hotel is a 3-star with 100 room budget hotel located at Cebu City, Philippines
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Makati, Philippines

Haven Backpackers Hostel속도에서 PHP 430
Makati, #3416 Guernica St. Palanan Makati City   
Hostel - experience the "True Manila". A perfect place to stay before heading to your next journey :)
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1 River Central Hostel속도에서 PHP 450
Makati, 1109 Jp Rizal   
Hostel - Experience the hospitality of the Filipino people right in the heart of Philippine’s financial and entertainment district – Makati, without breaking your bank. 1 River Central is a new 22 bed backpacker hostel in between the lively city life o
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Bahay Kubo Guestroom속도에서 PHP 800
Makati, Unit 602 Don Alfonso Bldg;   
Guesthouse - Our guestroom is located in a very central of Manila. The bedroom is confortable with light, good ventilation and a queen siez bed. There is a clean and spacious private bathroom. .
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VIP Suite Apartelle
사용자 선호도:  3.5   (독서 리뷰)
속도에서 PHP 2,860
Makati, 1847 Evangelista   
Bed and breakfast - V.I.P. Suites Apartelle is Makati’s hidden gem. With its fine furnishings and elegant interiors designed to suit the discerning business traveler’s taste.
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Malay, Philippines

My Hostel속도에서 $10
Malay, 0788 Cagban, Manoc Manoc   
Hostel - Cheap and comfortable hostel in Boracay
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Jeepney Hostel and Kite Resort속도에서 PHP 1,500
Malay, Boracay Island   
Hostel - Jeepney Hostel & Kite Resort is located on Bulabog Beach in the heart of Asia’s premier Kite Boarding destination.
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Boracay Flash Packers and Kite Resort속도에서 PHP 1,600
Malay, Bulabog Road, Boracay Island   
Hostel - Boracay Flash Packers & Kite Resort is located on Bulabog Beach in the heart of Asia’s premier Kite Boarding destination.
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One Azul속도에서 PHP 2,640
Malay, North Station 1   
호텔 - 한 아줄는 멀리 해변가에서 돌 던지는 9 개의 객실을 보유한 부띠끄 호텔입니다. 처음에는 대중 마지막 2011년 2월, 하나의 문을 여는 것은 우리의 감각 완료, 현대 현대적인 디자인과 가구는 심플하면서도 allur하는 통지를 도울 수 없어요
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Puerto Princesa, Philippines

Uyang Bed and Breakfast속도에서 PHP 700
Puerto Princesa, #32-B Socrates Road Brgy. San Pedro Puerto Princesa Palawan   
Bed and breakfast - Uyang B&B offers a cozy and affordable accommodation in Puerto Princesa, Palawan Phillippines.
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Puerto Apartments속도에서 PHP 850
Puerto Princesa, Brgy. Sta. Monica   
Apartment - Your home away from home...
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Prima Residences속도에서 PHP 1,400
Puerto Princesa, D. Cabanillas Road   
Apartment - Your amazing partner for your accomodation needs while touring Palawan's famous destinations.
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Angeles, Philippines

The Red Tulip Hotel속도에서 PHP 700
Angeles, E. Valdez St. And 24Th St. Josefa Subd. Malabanias 209 Raymo   
Hotel - The Red Tulip in Angeles City is a standard hotel that can be easily reached for tourists who prefer lively nightlife in the city. It is conveniently surrounded by classy restaurants, bars and discos that keep the cities active and fun-filled. For shoppi
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Budget Hotel Angeles속도에서 PHP 750
Angeles, 3790 Corner Lena And Amor Street, Anunas   
Hostel - Backpacker tourist secret in Angeles
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Valentino's Hotel속도에서 PHP 2,500
Angeles, Rosario St. , Corner Gloria St. Balibago, Angeles City   
Hotel - A Boutique Hotel that offer's Excellent Service and Value for Money.Quiet environment but a 2-minute walk will take you to the party place of Angeles City.
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Quezon City, Philippines

Stone House속도에서 PHP 1,150
Quezon City, 1315 E. Rodriguez Avenue   
호텔 - 에 오신 것을 환영 Stonehouse 호텔, 진정으로 편안한 숙박을 제공 퀘존 시티에있는 예산 호텔로! Stonehouse 호텔은 고전적인 객실 시설 및 서비스, 완벽한 설비를 갖춘 우수한 퀘존 시티 호텔 위치를 결합하여 54 개의 객실과 따뜻한 필리핀 호수
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Hotel 878 Libis속도에서 PHP 2,500
Quezon City, 878 E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave.   
호텔 - 우선 호텔 Libis 엽니다에 호황을 누리고 Libis의 일각에 호텔 878입니다. 에 획기적인 entryway으로 검색이 활발한 금융, 엔터테인먼트와 £택 지구, 호텔 878는 '어디서 무엇을 가장'중요한 얻을.
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Concepcion, Philippines

Magic Square Inn속도에서 PHP 1,200
Concepcion, Taal Ave. Cor Bulusan St. Concepcion Pequena.   
Hotel - clean rooms
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West Rembo, Philippines

Studio Taguig City Near Bgc and Acacia속도에서 $23
West Rembo, 123 Apo Bldg. Rainbow Ridge   
Condominium - Cozy Studio Taguig City near Acacia Estates/BGC
지금 예약
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Alaminos, Philippines

Treasure Isle Guest House속도에서 PHP 1,226
Alaminos, Alaminos City Brgy Lucap Teachers Village   
Bed and breakfast - We are a FULL service Guest House @ budget prices. Rooms From p275 a night including Breakfast & Dinner meal. Veg & Vegan Friendly!
지금 예약
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Islandia Hotel속도에서 PHP 1,899
Alaminos, Barangay Palamis   
Hotel - The "ONLY TRUE HOTEL" located at the heart of the city of the Hundred Islands Philippines.
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San Narciso, Philippines

La Paz Wonderful World속도에서 PHP 1,500
San Narciso, Purok 1B   
Villa - Get away from reality and visit our Beach Front Villa in La Paz, San Narciso. It is a tropical playground on the South Chinese Sea, that’s perfect for relaxing, playing, and recharging for your next adventure.
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Quezon, Philippines

Stone House Bed And Breakfast Quezon Cit속도에서 $31
Quezon, 1315 E. Rodriguez Avenue   
Bed and breakfast - The most affordable hotel in QuezonCity. Located near Saint Lukes Hospital, GMA Network, Abs-Cbn, Malls and other enrtainment area.
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Sir William's Hotel속도에서 $35
Quezon, 39 Timog Ave Metro Manila   
Hotel - Modern living Accomodation at a BUDGET price. Within the commercial area of the biggest city of Manila
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Manila, Philippines

Casa Joaquin Bed and Breakfast
사용자 선호도:  3.9   (독서 2 리뷰)
속도에서 $34
Manila, 116 Caliraya Drive   
숙박 및 아침 식사 - 카사 호아킨 침대와 아침 식사 Paranaque 도시, 메트로 마닐라에 위치한 아늑한 휴양지입니다. 그것은 새로운 국제 공항에서 단 20 분동안, 마카티 상업 중심가에서 20 분 더 가까이 포트 Bonifac하는 것입니다
지금 예약
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The Southern Cross Hotel속도에서 PHP 2,099
Manila, 1125 Mh Del Pilar St   
Hotel - THE SOUTHERN CROSS HOTEL is a welcome addition to the range of privately owned hotels in Ermita. All of the hotels' 25 rooms are newly renovated and have en-suite showers with excellent, hot water pressure. All rooms are air-conditioned.
지금 예약
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Baywatch Tower
사용자 선호도:  4.3   (독서 18 리뷰)
속도에서 €50
Manila, 2057 M. H. Del Pilar Street   
휴가 임대 - 휴가 콘도는 마닐라 베이로 우수한보기 함께
지금 예약
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Odiongan, Philippines

Villabo Beach Resort속도에서 $35
Odiongan, Lanas Beach, San Jose   
Resort - Paradise nestled along the beach offering a great cultural experience
지금 예약
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Ermita, Philippines

The Southern Cross Hotel
사용자 선호도:  4.8   (독서 리뷰)
속도에서 PHP 1,850
Ermita, 1125 M.h. Del Pilar St.   
숙소 - 새 호텔은 모든 현대적인 시설을 포함. 25 잘 꾸며진 객실. 활기찬 바 & 레스토랑 당구 (호£ 맛). Ermita의 중심과 밤 바쁜 생활과 대형 쇼핑 단지에 위치한
지금 예약
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Maasin, Philippines

Jaimee's Hotel and Resort
사용자 선호도:  2.8   (독서 리뷰)
속도에서 PHP 1,850
Maasin, Ibarra Beach   
Hotel - aimee's Hotel & Resort is a high standard affordable Hotel located in Ibarra Beach and within 10mins drive of the Southern Leyte capital city of Maasin in the Philippines. The Hotel opened in December of 2008 and has very quickly gained a reputation i
지금 예약
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Puting Kahoy, Philippines

Club Amore Hotel and Convention Center속도에서 PHP 1,988
Puting Kahoy, Barangay Tartaria Silang Cavite   
Hotel - Club Amore is an exclusive and masterplanned village complete with resort amenities in a secured environment.
지금 예약
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Baguio City, Philippines

Tom's Place속도에서 PHP 2,000
Baguio City, Marcos Highway   
Apartment - Baguio Apartments: 2 beds, 2 bath, hot water showers, telephone, hi-speed internet, breath-taking views, country setting no pollution. Five minute walk to jeepney (bus), 15 minutes to Baguio downtown taxis available.
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Malate, Philippines

사용자 선호도:  4.0   (독서 리뷰)
속도에서 PHP 2,650
Malate, Baywatch Tower 2057 Mh Del Pilar St. Malate Manila   
Condominium - Condo Apartment with bayview
지금 예약
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Dumaguete, Philippines

Aqualandia Resort속도에서 PHP 2,800
Dumaguete, Dauin Masaplot Horth   
Resort - aqualandia dive resort philippines
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